Elegance Meets Design with the Lenna Brunel Utility Patented Handbag Hanger!

The Lenna Brunel Purse Holder is designed to keep your precious handbag off the ground and your valuables in sight. Lenna Brunel’s Design includes both horizontal and vertical extensions, improving stability and allowing for use in multiple table size settings. Its swivel capabilities allow for more room at the table when needed. The Lenna Brunel Purse Holder also acts as a luxury handbag charm, so you can access it easily while adding a personal flair to your handbag!

  • Material: Electro-Plated Copper
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.55” | Width: 1.8” | Thickness: 0.3”
  • Maximum Weight: 6lbs
  • Colors: 

Cayman Gold

Milos Silver

Catalina Rose Gold

  • Twist the Lenna Brunel and adjust to height
  • Affix square portion to the top of your table with hook downward
  • Place your bag on the hook and keep it away from dirt on the ground
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