Saving the Environment Has Never Been So Refreshing!

SiliStrawz are perfectly portable, temperature-safe, reuseable, and helps protect the environment by cutting down on plastic waste. These silicone straws are bendy and foldable so that it can be used whenever and wherever you go. Conveniently folds into a compact box and cleaning squeegee so you can sip your hot latte or green juice – then follow you to your 5 o’clock pick me up, or wherever the night takes you. Every year, millions of seabirds and ocean life die from swallowing straws that end up in the ocean. Don’t let another straw put an innocent life at risk! Sip happy, sip smart!

  • Weight: 250g

  • Dimensions: 19x25x4cm

  • Straws Color: Assorted

  • 4x Reusable Silicone Straws

  • 2x Carrying Case

  • 2x Cleaning Squeegees

  • Take your SiliStrawz with you in it’s convenient carrying case wherever you go
  • When its time to drink, simply remove the silicone straw and enjoy!
  • When you’re done with your SiliStrawz, gently fold the straw back into the carrying case.
  • Wash and rinse your straw with the provided cleaning tools for a fresh, clean straw with every use!
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